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CAMD - Cellulose Acetate Microfilm Database

The Cellulose Acetate Microfilm Database has been built to help libraries and archives in assessing the danger to their microfilm collections posed by acetate based films.

When libraries and archives started systematic microfilming for preservation purposes, acetate film was still the predominant product. It began to be replaced with stable polyester in the 1980s, but the legacy it leaves behind is a serious one. The only way to slow the deterioration rate – thus buying more time to assess more interventive options such as duplicating, digitising or refilming – is cold storage.

Today acetate has largely, though not entirely, been replaced by polyester, which has been proved to be a durable film base. But even if an institution's master films are polyester based, acetate films are sure to have entered its microform holdings in the form of service copies acquired from a variety of distributors (publishers, libraries and others). → Read more...

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